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2 months ago
I have been buying from Coles Auction since I moved here 13 years ago. Might even have my own auction soon as I have so much stuff. Always enjoy the auction and they are well organized.
Ron Benjamin
2 months ago
Great auction company! Did a two day auction for my family and it could not of went any better. I wished I lived closer so I could attend their auctions as a buyer.
sarah jensen smith
a month ago
My husband and I are very happy with our auction experience. Steven Cole and staff were a joy to work with and I would certainly utilize their services again. Sarah Jensen
Wieland Norris
5 months ago
Great company! I have been to their live auctions for years and just recently realized they do online sales too. Picked up lots of cool items from both this year. Will certainly shop here again and look for their estate auctions locally. They get so many cool things!
stacy benjamin
2 months ago
Very happy with the job this company did. If I could give 6 stars I would. Highly recommended.
stacy reading
4 months ago
This is a company that enjoy buying from. I know they did a auction for my sister and she said it went great. Highly recommended.
Michelle Collins
2 weeks ago
We have been a customer for years! 5 stars!
Mccarrick Mccarrick
3 months ago
Friendly group of professionals. I have attended many of their auctions in the Lapeer area. 5 stars!

robert schultz

5 months ago
Great company. Been going to Coles auctions since I was a kid. Now my wife is hooked! Keep up the good work.
Phillip Vickers
5 months ago
I am not able to attend the outdoor auctions anymore so I've learned how to use the internet and now I love the online auctions. Last week one of Coles employees delivered a large safe I purchased and did not charge me any delivery fees. They have been around for a long time time do a great job.
renee schultz
5 months ago
These guys are great, love attending the auctions both online and at many other locations. Last sale I purchased too much furniture and they delivered!
Jeff Craft
6 months ago
Coles Auction conducted a 2 day auction for my family last spring and everything went great. I would highly recommend them and would use company again.
stephanie mccarrick
10 months ago
I have been buying from Cole's for over 15 years and enjoy it. Sold my relatives farm stuff last year. They are the best auction company in the State of Michigan. Can't wait until the next auction.
Romaine Lockey
10 months ago
Cole Auction service is the who's who of auction companies in the area. They have sold several estates for me and my family and the auctions are always a success. The truck I am driving right now was purchased from their auction last year.
11 months ago
I have been attending Coles auctions for over 20 years and I still enjoy going. About 12 years ago I had a estate auction that went well. I would reccomend them to anyone.
Ed Martibianco
11 months ago
Me and my family have used Coles Auction a few times for auctions and have been satisfied. They sold my small business last year for more than I expected!
beth warner
10 months ago
The Cole Auction family is great. I dont buy as much as I used to due to finances but I still love going to auctions.
Dorothy Robison
a year ago
I 've got lot of stuffs from his auction and he's been real good to me and my family.
Randy Fridline
a year ago
Love this place, my father and I have dealt with them for years, 5 stars.
Norman Coon
a year ago
These guys find lots of unique tools and equipment I am particularly interested in. They’ve had a great reputation for years in the area for their auctions, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services.
Angela Thoune
a year ago
Great people, great deals, great buys i have been to a lot of auctions and these ones are by far the best!!! Fantastic job.. Check them out!!!!
randall mosier
a year ago
I have bought and sold at Coles Auction service for many years and I've always been happy. I even bought this cell phone from the auction house when they upgraded phones. Many years ago when I bought a new house in Swartz Creek they sold my State in Flint and I was very happy with the service.
Douglas Fridline
a year ago
I have sold many items here and have always been satisfied.
Gene Cooper
9 months ago
Nothing but good things to say about how well these auctions are handled.
Kevin VanAmburg
3 years ago
I have been going to Steve's auctions for a few years now. There always professional and have been great to deal with on every occasion. There is always something i like on the online auction and there estate auctions have always been great …More
Joe Sherwood
a year ago
Great place to sell and buy. Steve is a Top Notch Auctioneer!
Bob McNelly
2 years ago
Steve Cole did a great service to our whole family with my mother-in-laws estate sale. We truly appreciated the professional and friendly approach he exemplified in his business dealings with us.
Marilyn Wise
a year ago
Great deals, variety of items, and a new auction every week
Lisa Smith
2 years ago
I HIGHLY recommend everyone I talk to to check out the great deals they have. Very friendly and professional. The BEST
big fish hooker
2 years ago
I've been going to Cole's Auctions for many years and always enjoy myself. They did an auction for my family in 2008 and it went well!
detroit fighters
a year ago
Good business
David Gillie
2 years ago
Honest, good, experienced company to deal with!